New Mexico PBS and KRWG Public Media Partner with
USDA Forest Service and the Prince William Network to Bring a
Virtual Field Trip to Teachers, Students, and Families across America

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May 1, 2019—Capitan, New Mexico—The USDA Forest Service and the Prince William Network announced today that New Mexico PBS and KRWG Public Media have partnered to bring students, teachers and the general public a virtual field trip that will be webcast live from Smokey Bear’s birthplace in Capitan, New Mexico on November 7, 2019.

“We are excited to help bring this important New Mexico story to students, teachers and families across America,” New Mexico PBS General Manager Franz Joachim said.

“Working together, we can reach hundreds of thousands of people with an important message that is near and dear to the hearts of the people of New Mexico,” KRWG General Manager Adrian Velarde added.

Join us for SmokeyBearLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Smokey Bear wildfire prevention campaign.  Visit https://SmokeyBearLIVE.orgto register to take part in the virtual field trip and download lesson plans and other resources about Smokey Bear and wildfire prevention. Prepare now to participate in two webcasts about Smokey Bear including a pretaped video, “Smokey Bear LIVE: Only You Can Prevent Wildfires,” that will be webstreamed at https://SmokeyBearLIVE.orgbeginning October 6, 2019, in conjunction with National Fire Prevention Week.  Learn about Smokey’s history as a national icon, the bear cub that was found and became the living symbol of Smokey, and Smokey Bear’s fire prevention message.

On November 7, 2019, New Mexico PBS and KRWG, in conjunction with the USDA Forest Service and the Prince William Network, will produce the LIVE webcast from Smokey Bear’s birthplace in Capitan, New Mexico. The webcast will take place from the area where Smokey Bear was found as an injured cub and returned to be buried. This is an interactive program in which students and others can send in questions about Smokey, wildfire prevention, firefighting in the past and now, how to prevent wildfires, and more to scientific experts who will answer the questions during the webcast.

Smokey Bear is a cherished national icon who continues to remind folks to be responsible when using fire outdoors.  The campaign began in 1944 as part of the war effort to protect forested land from being burned by unwanted human-caused wildfires, so this is the 75th anniversary of the Smokey Bear icon.  In 1950 an injured bear cub became the living symbol of Smokey and spent his life promoting fire prevention from the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

After 75 years, Smokey’s message is still relevant today. With more people playing and living in areas near wildlands, the risks and consequences of wildfires are greater than ever.  Smokey helps us understand how our choices and behavior can impact lives and the environment. 

During this distance learning adventure, learn how natural resource managers and communication specialists have worked together to promote Smokey’s message to significantly reduce the number of wildfire and protect lives and property for millions of people.

SmokeyBearLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure

Official Smokey Bear Web Site                        

Smokey Bear’s 75th Anniversary Web Site        



SmokeyBearLIVE is a partnership of the USDA Forest Service, Prince William Network, Prince William County Schools. New Mexico PBS and KRWG Public Media.





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