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Community Service Project Ideas
From TakeAction
Make an important contribution in helping your community be better prepared for future wildfires. These community service project ideas will guide you in finding an activity that fits your objectives, interests and abilities; while making the place where you live a safer place.

From the National Fire Protection Association
Throughout the U.S. more than 8 million students in grades 6 -12 live in a community with wildfire risks. If you're in that age group, you’ll be glad to know there’s a lot you can do to make the place where you live safer!  TakeAction is a campaign that provides resources and projects that benefit young adults, their families and neighbors. You can learn to prepare your pets and horses – and yourself! You can help others through a community service project. You can share our videos with your friends! Learn even more about wildfire and its impacts on people, pets, property and our environment by checking out our new videos. Take a virtual field trip to the scene of a wildfire and find out what firefighters and foresters have to say.

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day
From the National Fire Protection Association
Projects that reduce wildfire risk and increase preparedness can be accomplished by a broad range of ages and come in a variety of time commitments, with some as short as a few hours. You might be asking - what can I do in one day to be safer from wildfire? And the answer is a lot!


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