Join us in October 2019 for a program about wildfire prevention, wildfire ecology, and the 75th anniversary of the Smokey Bear wildfire prevention campaign.

FIRST, watch a pre-taped video to be available in October 2019 in conjunction with National Fire Prevention Week. 

THEN, on November 7, 2019, join us for a a live wecast from Capitan, New Mexico, where Smokey is buried. 

Learn about:

  • How to prevent wildfire at home and outdoors, especially if you live in a high-risk area
  • Smokey Bear and the history of public awareness campaign
  • What wildland fire is and its role in the ecosystem
  • Difference between wildfires and prescribed fire
  • Role of prescribed fire in wildlands management

Multiple viewing options are available for you to watch and participate in Great Outdoors LIVE: Yours to Explore, so choose the best way for you:


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